Development and implementation of innovative technologies

Eurasian League of Cognitive Research (ELCR) is a technology partner of 3 organizations and 11 laboratories. League is working on such projects as:

If you are interested in introducing technologies you already know into the work of your organization or want to start your own development, we can help — with technology, implementation or consulting.

Conducting cognitive research

Cognitive research is the main focus of the League’s work. ELCR leads several laboratories that use high-tech equipment to measure human behavior during certain types of activity (for example, when watching audiovisual content). Such studies make possible to determine:

Development of professional standards in the field of digital accessibility and audiovisual translation

Members of the Eurasian League of Cognitive Studies worked on several professional standards (including “Specialist in Translation and Media Accessibility: Competence Framework”, 2021).

Research in the field of digital accessibility and audiovisual translation is always in progress, hence the League continues to attract the most experienced experts to update existing professional standards and create new ones in this and related areas.


Professional training for digital accessibility and audiovisual translation specialists

Educational department of the ELCR includes the following activities:

Have Any Project In Mind?

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