The meeting of Non-Profit Organization Association of Translation Teachers held as a part of Translation Forum Russia 2019 in August in Saint Petersburg saw the announcement of the following initiative:

The Association of Translation Teachers operating pursuant to the Articles of Association, hereinafter referred to as the “Association”, represented by Natalia Viktorovna Nechaeva, its President, and the Association of translators and editors of subtitles “Eurasian subtitlers’ league” operating pursuant to the Articles of Association, hereinafter referred to as the “League”, represented by Elena Anatolievna Konotopova, its President, collectively referred to as the “Parties”, have agreed as follows:

1. To start a joint project of developing standards in various fields (hereinafter referred to as the “Standard” Project”) within the scope of the Parties’ activities.

2. This project is in full compliance with the basic Agreement between the Parties and is aimed at helping the foreign colleagues working on the Russian media and educational market and our Russian colleagues, who start building up their experience in these fields.

3. The project is to start in November 2019 and is to be completed in February/March 2020.

4. General management of the project (the “Standard” Project) is to be done by:

– On behalf of the Association of Translation Teachers, the project is run by Maria Mikhailovna Stepanova, Chairman of the Board (info.translationteachers@gmail.com).

– On behalf of the Association of translators and editors of subtitles “Eurasian subtitlers’ league”, the project is run by Elena Anatolievna Konotopova (easubtitlersleague@gmail.com).

5. The standards only serve as guidelines and are developed based on the aggregate experience of most outstanding professionals in their fields with the involvement of colleagues from other organizations, including foreign professionals and organizations.

6. Upon completion of the project, all the materials will be available in virtual libraries of the Association and the League on their websites and will be printed in limited editions.

7. The project operating procedure shall be the as follows: commissions are organized to work with each of the agenda issues identified and approved by the Parties. Commissions are headed by members of the Association or the League. Heads of commissions select, on their own, professionals and independent experts for their groups, form focus groups and initiate research. Commissions identify the means of communication convenient for them (in writing via chats and messengers or via online meetings). Once a month, heads of projects are to be informed of the work results, the help and support needed. Rotation of group/commission members is to be announced in due time.

8. The project promotion is to be ensured by both Parties that have to agree on the content of the published materials.

We invite the members of both Associations to take part in research, focus groups and commission work. At the moment, the following agenda has been identified (commissions are being organized, independent experts in the stated fields are being engaged):

– Standards for training of professionals in AV translation, subtitling and teaching in these fields at higher educational institutions.

– Audio description.

– Subtitling standards for foreign vendors wishing to promote audiovisual content in Russia.

– Surtitles.

– Translation for voiceover and dubbing.

– Potential for use of subtitles in AR/VR.

Lists of commission members are to be published separately as soon as commissions are organized. Please watch for more news!

The provisions of this Agreement are observed without any mutual financial liabilities and liabilities in terms of property. We also encourage the partner companies to contribute, where possible, to funding and organization (possibly, provide expert assistance) of the PROJECT “STANDARD”.

For any enquiries and proposals, please contact the authorized persons of the Associations (contact details are provided on the websites and above) or the authorized professionals heading the commissions, their contact details will be published later. Please be quick, the commissions are organized fast, some of them have already started working.